Wales, UK; May 18, 1996

Name: Rhodrey Cachuynytrywsus

Date: May 18, 1996;

Location: Awel Y moch, North Wales

Message: It looked like a cigar, like the ones my dad smokes. It was Black/Brown in colour and its shape was berly recognizable against the sky because it was nightime. It has a red light on one end.

It looked as if it was searching for something as it circulated above a field for about 30 seconds then slowly moved off to the west. Towards Leon Selsig Castle, Caernarfon , the back of the ufo had a distinguithed red glow and seemed to pulsate.

My mother Maureen Cachuynytrywsus saw the object and also i’ve met someone else who saw this object ( at school ) Gareth Twlltin. I live in a fairly rural area (a farm) so i dont know of anyone else who saw it.

One thought on “Wales, UK; May 18, 1996

  1. William Coc-Oen

    I saw a similar thing around the same time in the nineties when I was night fishing in the Seiont estuary in Caernarfon by Pen ‘Ol Mawr point. I’m sure that R Cachiynytrwsus knows where I mean.


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