Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; July 1, 1982

Name: Larry Simon

Date: July 1, 1982; 22:00:00

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Message: Didn’t see the craft itself, only the lights. A beautiful blue glow streaked across the sky, ne to sw.

Just a bright white light like an airplane with the landinglights on, then it turned and shot off to the sw, leaving this cobalt blue streak of light.

2 thoughts on “Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; July 1, 1982

  1. Nick M

    During the Summer of 82 I lived in downtown Tulsa 16th and Denver.  I recall several people on the sidewalk that evening looking into the sky at what I first thought was a blimp.  It was a large football shaped  craft that appeared to have lights on the bottom.   What was most interesting is that someone (from another part of the city) had shined a search light on it.  It dodged the light as though it were a game.  It was then that I realized that the object was not a blimp.  I watched the craft turn different colors and ascend upward (straight up) until it look like a star.  
    I believe this occurred the first week of July.  I also recall the moon not quite full and comparing the size of the object to the moon. 


  2. nick M

    I recall a Summer evening in 82 when I saw a large craft .  I was living on 16th st near Denver.  I was coming home and notice my roommates and neighbors looking into the sky.  I first thought everyone was looking at a blimp.  A search light from another part of the city had focused the beam on the craft.  It evaded the beam like it was some type of game.  Moving in an atypical manner (jumping /darting at right angles). It clearly was not a blimp.  I watched the craft for approx 10 mins.  It was football shaped with lights on the bottom.  It looked like a diamond studded football.
    I continued to watch the craft until it ascended straight up.  It looked like a star.  
    I believe this occurred the first week in July.  The moon was almost full and I remember comparing the size of the craft to the moon. 


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