New York, USA; June 28, 1997

Name: John Sullivan

Date: 28/06/97; 20:10:00

Location: northern NY state, USA

Message: Large silver tube with rounded ends. Midway appeared to be a seam encircling the tube I must say the darn thing appeared similar to the tubes in which cigars are sold, although fatter in proportion to those tubes. It was very high in the sky, traveling almost due south. It made no sound, and moved swiftly accross the evening sky.

There are four of us here who watched this object pass over, using binoculars, though with no great benefit. We are situated in the Adirondack mountains, with an easterly view from our deck permit-ting an uninterrupted view of the sky from the north to the south. Air force jets periodically “play games” in our sky here, but these were clearly not jets.

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