Morristown, New Jersey, USA; August 2, 2009

Name: Athena

Date of Sighting: 8/2/2009

Location of Sighting: Dover/Denville/Morristown NJ USA

Shape(s) of UFO(s) (If Known): Cylinder, Circular various different craft seen over Route 80

Color(s) of UFO(s) (If Known): Silver craft as well as White and yellowish lighted circular craft

Number of UFO(s) (If Known): 8+

Distance of UFO(s) in sky (If Known): 1/2 mile up

Direction of Travel for UFO(s) (If Known): Stationary and Hovering Craft

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): Helicoptors to cordon off air perimiter

Further Description of Sighting: I was heading towards Patterson on Route 80 East at around 11:15 PM, and as I came down the hill in Dover, just past Picitinny Arsenal, I noticed some stationary aircraft hovering above the motorway. I slowed down to look up, and noticed not only the hovering bright white circular shaped lights, but also a some helicoptors patrolling the skyline around them.

As I slowed down, I noticed i was being tailgated by a Black Chevy Suburban with dark tinted windows. I thought this truck was going to hit me, but it tailgated me for a second, as if the driver of passenger was taking down my liscense plate, and then driver subsequently pulled off into the breakdown lane. I though that it was very odd, but I did nort want to speed up because there was a very heavy State Police patrol on 80 that night, as they were cracking down on speeders.

As I drove along coming down another decline just before the exit to 287 in Parsippany, I noticed more helicoptors and more of these hovering white lighted craft above them. I drove on towards Patterson and miles up route 80 East, in Montvale, These bright white hovering craft were lined up in a perfect equidistant formation just to left of the highway. I could get a close enough look at what type of craft they might be, but here are some of the observations that I made from this strange nights events.

There were numerous star and circlular shaped craft floating in a perfect mathematical formation. They were extremeley luminescent, and judging the how white and glowing their singular light pattern was, they were very powerful. One could almost confuse their luminescense with a star, but they were hovering too low to be stars, and their physical shape was to defined to for them to be stars. These craft, whater they were, had a police, private security or military arieal escort. It looks like a drill of some sort.

The Black Chevy SUV that talied me and then broke off into the breakdown lane, seemed to be some sort of private security force or black ops military service that had some thing to do with this whole drill, as they must of taken notice that I was slowing down and looking up at the sky.

The last time that I had seen anything similarin this area was around 5 years when there satelitte images being projected over the area of fast moving ufos. These projection areas of air space were also cordoned off by choppers.

In my estimation this was some sort of test or drill.

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  1. Awesome… Seems like we keep getting closer to disclosure….. I am about 1 hour south of you in NJ..and always have an eye on the sky both day and night… I have seen some very interesting things over the last year……


  2. Early June, 2009:
    Driving to Lacey, Parkway Southboud:

    It was BROAD DAYLIGHT. A perfectly round, red, orb. It looked to be the size of a volleyball or a basketball so I imagine it must have been slightly larger than that given optical illusion distance creates; it just sat PERFECTLY STILL hovering there, smack dab in the middle of the road. It didn’t move or bounce or rotate. It didn’t ascend or descend at all– as you would expect of a balloon. Just sat there. Couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was just south of Lakewood on the parkway southbound– probably about 11 AM.

    Someone had pulled over to watch. Wish I could have done the same.
    I was dumbfounded. I remember thinking to myself, “What the hell is that” as I approached. I tried to rationalize it away– that it must have been one of the red cushions from an electrical wire– but then I don’t know if those float. I assume that, had one of those broken loose, it would fall to the ground. And even then, if it was filled with some lightweight gas to support the weight of electric lines, I would expect it to be blown about by the currents of wind created by passing traffic. It didn’t ascend or descend. It was not attached to an electrical line. It just sat there.

    It was a very strange experience: its existence was telling me two contradictory things: “Here I am, look at me,” but also “You’re not supposed to see me, I’m supposed to look like something you don’t notice.”

    It was almost like I wasn’t supposed to notice it was there, but yet, there it was in BROAD DAYLIGHT, just sitting there seemingly watching traffic. Very strange.

    It was very wierd. Here were all these other people driving down the parkway, and only myself and one other person seemed to notice it at all. How? Why?

    It’s not the first time. Other members of my family have seen similar things.


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