Azle, Texas, USA; 1983

Name: Ronnie E

Date: 1983; 12:00 am

Location: Azle, Texas, USA

Message: Large cigar shaped with several multi-colored lights that seem to beflashing in sequence.

It was seen hovering over a empty field quite a distance away. Next it zoomed over behind the vehicle I was in. It hovered over the street right behind us.

Then it followed us for a distance of about a mile right above us. The object was so close that it seemed like you could reach up and touch it. There was no motor sound what so ever.

We sped up trying to outrun it but it was alot faster then any vehicle. It all of the sudden zoomed away. We continued driving very fast toward our home.

As we got about 3 miles down the road and was crossing a bridge over the dam, it sat hovering over the water. After arriving at home I felt that there was about an hours time gone by.

I watched for the object to fly over my house but it never did. This was an experience that convinced me that there are others out there.