Carmel, Indiana, USA; July 31, 2009

Name: David Phillips

Date: July 31, 2009

Location: Carmel, Indiana

Message: Friday, July 31, at approximatley 10:30 PM. We live on the west side of Carmel,IN and noticed a large orange light rise from the southeast horizon moving upward and towards the northwest. It moved slowly up to around a 35-40 degree altitude all the while the brightness was dimming. After about 1.5 to 2.0 minutes it remained stationary then began to fade out completely.

We noticed a plane coming in from the north while seeing the object. The object had a much larger and brighter light than the plane and it appeared from where we were the pilots could have seen the object, too.

One thought on “Carmel, Indiana, USA; July 31, 2009

  1. Wendy Brumbaugh

    Carmel Indiana appears to be directly south of where I saw an orange light moving south to north along the eastern coast of Lake Michigan also on Friday July 31st. I saw the light at about 11:15pm. My husband, our 2 kids and my brother saw it as well. I have been looking for info on the net thinking that lots of people would have seen it but I haven’t found many reports. I reported it to MUFON. We were on vacation in MI so I don’t know if there is a military or air force base nearby…sure would like to know what it was that we saw!


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