Canal Flats, British Columbia, Canada; February 10, 1988

Date: February 10, 1988; 08:45:00

Location: Canal Flats, British Columbia

Message: It looked like a fireball, it was circular, had a tail trailing behind it of what looked like fire, and it was yellow in color.

The one that I saw did not hover, it just flew behind a mountain.

This report is on the one that I saw, but my fiance, and his friend and I were standing on the same deck that I saw mine on, the night before, and there faces went blank and they were staring around the same spot I saw mine at.

They said it looked like a fireball as well and that it flew across the top of the trees and then quickly dissapeared behind the mountain. I wasnt sure if I should do a report for them as well, but they saw it around the same time, just the night before.

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