Bergen, Norway; August 13, 2007

Name: Mr Johansen

Date: August 13, 2007; 13:45:00

Location: Bergen , Norway.

Message: I was walking in a nice park outside the city of Bergen in Norway..there where very few people there then suddenly to my right it appeared flying about 80 meters above the ground.. Slowly , very round shaped with no wings and bigger than any bird,but smaller than a plane. i just stood there stared at it as it made its way over to my left.. it made no sound.

It was moving at a steady pace from my right all the way to my left and out of sigh, while it was doing that it seemed to jiggle its left and right tip up and down a bit.

This was my very first real UFO sighting and it was something spesial about the whole experience.. i couldnt hardly beleive my own eyes and kept looking up in the sky for the next 10 mintues..

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