Richmond, Surrey, England, UK; September 26, 2008

Name: Chris Smith

Date: September 26, 2008; 23:00

Location: Over Richmond, Surrey

Message: Orange ‘fire coloured’. Five objects, three in formation moving relatively quickly across the sky, all at the same speed and in the same formation.

After maybe 30 seconds, they passed out of sight having faded somewhat. Two further objects of similar size and colour then followed, one after another.

Travelling at similar speeds. The last one appeared to fade when travelling below an aircraft, then lit again and faded out. There was no noise from them and there was no noticeable shape (eg. they didn’t look like hot air ballons).

Thy each moved at a uniform speed, the first three in a triangular formation, the last two individually. We can not think of any plausible explanation.

One thought on “Richmond, Surrey, England, UK; September 26, 2008

  1. David Byrne

    Location; Stirchley, Birmingham
    Message; Five orange coloured objects
    Time: approx duration: 11:00pm to 11: 10pm, 26th Sept 2009

    We observed the same five orange coloured objects travelling from a northerly direction  over our house to the south. The objects seemed to be travelling fairly quickly at similar speeds, but at a distance apart.
    They moved in a line, behind each other 2 objects, then 1 then 2 more objects
    We also noted no sound, however, a plane was observed above the first object. The first object seemed to fade as it passed under the plane.


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