Champaign, Illinois, USA; April 5, 2009

Name: Anony Mouse

Date: April 5, 2009

Location: Champaign, Illinois

Message: Fast moving triangle with neon green light at each end, making no sound as it moved.

The event took place a little after 10pm. I was leaving a restaurant and walking to my car. It was a clear night and there were a decent amount of stars out. I paused to look at the stars for a moment when I saw three lights in the sky.

They were moving from a southeast to northwest direction. Because they stayed the exact same distance from each other, I quickly assessed that they were part of the same object. The lights themselves were a sort of neon greenish color and if you connected them, they would form a triangle. I couldn’t tell you for sure what the color of the object was but it “felt” like it was black.

I knew within seconds that what I was seeing was unlike anything I’d ever witnessed before. I knew within seconds that I was seeing a UFO. There is no doubt in my mind. It moved across the sky at an incredibly fast speed, way faster than anything man made.

It made no sound whatsoever. It simply glided, is the way I would describe it. Because it was moving across the sky so fast, I probably only saw it for less than 10 seconds. Since then I have researched this a bit, and have found many other reports from people of the same thing. Big, black, fast moving triangles, and no, it was not an American stealth bomber. This was faster and made no sound.

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