Santa Cruz, California, USA; June 22, 2009

Name: dean

Date: June 22, 2009

Location: Santa Cruz, California

Message: i also spotted a ufo on that same night, although my sighting was in santa cruz, ca. it was a bright orange disk about 600 yards away. it hovered for a few minutes,made a loop and then vanished. luckily i got a fairly decent photo before it disapeared. my wife, sister, her husband and my neighbor also witnessed it.

i called the radio station and reported it. they said i was the fourth person who called it in, although i was the only one who got a photo of it. i took the image down to the station and showed them and they had me come in the next morning for a live interview. i will post the picture online as soon as i zoom and crop the image.

2 thoughts on “Santa Cruz, California, USA; June 22, 2009

  1. eric

    On the evening of Nov. 19, 2010, friend Vicky and I were having a important conversation outside. Our location was at our friend Davney’s store, Arbor Antique’s behind Toys R Us.
    We were talking about the spirit world, because Vicky has cancer, but, is not afraid to die! I am a missionary and I was telling her of a communication I had with a Dear Friend on the other side, right after he died! I had just explained how easy it is to hear friendlies, in the spirit-world, to speak to us. Just then, we saw ( in real physical appearance), four objects flying in formation. The rain clouds were coming it, so these, were about the same level at the clouds. I am from a pilot family, so, I’m guessing at less the 1000 feet. high! These four objects were flying so slow,,,like floating,,,they looked the color of fire and reminded me Brasil, where they send off the floating lanterns of many sizes. These were all the same size. The were moving on an inland course,,north! I was puzzled, as I have never seen flying craft do this! They were there for us to see for several minutes and then one by one disappeared into or above the clouds!


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