Carbon Canyon, California, USA; July 22, 2009

Name: Chris estrada

Date: July 22, 2009

Location: Carbon Canyon, California

Message: Holy crap. Tonight about 20 minutes ago around 9:26 I was a few houses away from parking my car and I looked out my window and saw what appeared to be a small object in the sky moving north east towards carbon canyon and it was going slow.

It didn’t bother me until I saw it make a fast turn west, then incredibly it moved back north/east very fast and I lost sight. It was no plane because you could see the planes around them with white blue and red lights. Also this object flew in opposite directions in less then a second. Wow I’m just amazed at what I saw.

One thought on “Carbon Canyon, California, USA; July 22, 2009

  1. Geri Plano

    Just wanted to say a few years ago I was traveling through Carbon Canyon about five oclock on a Sunday with my son in the car. I just happened to look up at the hills and there I saw it . Massive ufo it wasnt what most people it is. I was as big as a good yr blimp but it was not the good yr. Ive seen the goodyr blimp b4 and this was completly different. No shining lights no window and the medal on this things was very dull. It stood in midair for a count of 15 seconds. It didnt scare me I was very calm. and dont understand why. I alway thought I would freak out if ever saw something like this . Just want to let you guys know. there is something out there.p.s. I live in the area.


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