Gwinn, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2009

Date: July 4, 2009

Location: Gwinn, Michigan

Message: July 4, 2009
9:30 PM
Big Shag Lake, Gwinn Michigan

12 people were out on my pontoon boat getting ready to view the fireworks at dusk. From the west, a light(flickering) looked to be heading in our direction. Since the airport is nearby, we figured it to be an airplane. It didn’t seem to be moving to much and the light was flickering alot.

Next thing to happen is the light went out and a black object was hanging there in the air. I took my binoculars out and viewed the object along with many others from the boat. The black object had no real definition to its outline.

It had a really non defined shape and it was just hanging there for probably about 7 or 8 minutes. Then it moved off to the west and out of site. No one on the boat had any idea what it was and later we found out others had seen the object from the lake as we had viewed it.

One thought on “Gwinn, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2009

  1. Dave T.

    I live in Macomb Township, MI. On Wednesday 08/05/2009 at about 10:30pm myself and my 2 sons, ages 18 and 20, witnessed an orange glowing object slowly rising into the sky. We were standing on our driveway looking to the north-west. Tis first orange glowing object slowly rose skyward. I ran inside to get binoculars and continued to watch it rise until the glow from the object slowly dissappeard the more it came directly over my overhead view. I was looking at it thru bino’s and it was oval / round in shape and grayinsh in color. I eventually lost sight of it as there were a few sparse clouds in the area above my house. Just then, my sons mentioned seeing a second oranage glowing object slowly rising or crossing the sky in the same area as the first one. We watched that one too until the glow “stopped” being visible. Both my sons then mentioned that they saw two of these grayish, round objects next to each other and moving about in the sky. Myself, I’d lost sight of them at that point and was trying to spot them again with bino’s. I once again spotted 1 of them slowly dropping from the sky until it dissapeard below the surounding rooftops from sight. All three of us wittnessed the object slowly dropping from the sky. Was a strange thing we wittnessed. Was thinking it was maybe some kind of baloon or something, but not sure. Just wondered if anyone else in that area of Macomb county saw this as well.
    Thanks for reading.
    Dave T.


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