Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; June 21, 2009

Name: PA

Date: June 21, 2009

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Message: June 21st 2009 around 7pm near pittsburgh pa.

Ok, so i don’t believe i saw an alien aircraft but i did see something and I was wondering if anyone else seen this.

I was driving on Rt 79 towards pittsburgh and looking west and I seen this huge slow moving rectangle object it looked like a house floating in the air. It was so obnoxious and out of place that someone had to of seen it other then me.

Just curious if anyone knows what it was? This was broad daylight and I watched this thing for some 10 miles to the 279. Again it was funny looking and it may been a giant floating sign or ??

One comment

  1. My Brother told me this story about 6 weeks ago.When I told him about coming upon your post he was pretty excited . He does not have a computer right now and today by phone he asked me to tell it. We are not sure of the exact day..but it was around the time of your sighting..He was traveling RT 65 going South toward the city when Just shy of the West End Bridge he saw the same or similar craft (?). The funny thing is that he thought that it was approx 5:30-6 PM but when he looked at the clock it was 8:15 PM, but still light out .He said it seemed to be hovering over Mt Washington. He looked around and said that traffic was pretty nonexistent which he thought odd..and he had the same thought you did as to why no body including Himself was not pulling over to look at it. He described it as Utilitarian looking..like stacked boxcars. He said as he drove with the curve of the road it disappeared behind his shoulder and he figured he would see it again when he rounded the bend and Mt Washington came back into sight…but when he made the bend it was gone. I did some research and was unable to find any more info about it either as a Craft..or a marketing device. So at this point we say ???? also


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