Portland, Oregon, USA; July 7, 2009

Name: Lucas

Date of Sighting: July 7, 2009 around 9:45pm

Location of Sighting: Over portland oregon near the willamette river

Shape(s) of Object(s) (If Known): Roughly round from my perspective.

Color(s) of Object(s) (If Known): Basically they looked like amber colored street lights from where I was.

Distance of Object(s) in sky (If Known): at their closest approximately 2 miles

Further Description of Sighting: about 7 of these “flying streetlights” came into my view without noise, blinking lights, or anything else i associate with any other flying objects I have ever seen.

I am just hoping others saw what I saw. I’m not trying to make a claim that isn’t really true. It is what I saw and I gotta know if others saw it???

I would be absolutely dumbfounded if no one else mentions this event which lasted 5 mins at least.

One comment

  1. BINGO! I had a good look at this “sailing streetlamp” last night here in Northwest Clackamas County, over Mt. Scott located in the outer-Southeast area of Portland, Oregon.

    10:30pm, 7/9/2009. A silent flying yellow-white oblong-shaped light. At the nearest point its distance from me was an estimated 1,500 ft. up, about 100 ft. out. At that point its apparent size was that of my thumbnail at arm’s length. The light intensity was like a sodium vapor street lamp at, say, 100 ft. away

    I was looking at the Big Dipper and the light appeared out of the Southwest – the color of the light and the absence of running lights caught my attention right off. After about 30 seconds of puzzling over the sight, I stepped inside and grabbed my best 7X binoculars and watched it for another 30 seconds or so until I lost sight of it.

    No wings or stabilizers visible, no outline of a body was apparent, and no other lights on or around it. It had some source of silent propulsion that gave it a ground speed of perhaps 60 to 80 mph.

    It made a straight pass over the East flank of Mt. Scott, continued directly at the same height and speed to the Northeast in the direction of Troutdale on the Columbia River.

    Also interesting. My location is often in the outer PDX aircraft approach corridor, and most often air traffic is routed from South to North about a mile to the East of me. However, approximately 15 minutes after the yellow-white light, a commercial 737 with all lights on made an unusual straight West to East pass directly overhead – at approximately the same altitude or lower, est. 1,200 ft. which was unusually low That aircraft continued to the East at that same altitude; I lost sight of it and did not see whether or when it banked to the North for runway approach. That was an odd sight and oddly coincidental.

    I wonder if the light is something from the local model aircraft flying club? Whoever operates it enjoys a quite cool “sailing streetlamp.”


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