Northampton, Massachusetts, USA; June 24, 2009

Name: nancy

Date: June 24, 2009

Location: Northampton, Massachusetts

Message: on wednesday night june 24 2009 in northampton ma. at about 11:00 pm..i heard a very loud droning sound above my house ….at the same time i heard the scrambling of jets from barnes airport …the jets have been scrambling for several weeks..but only during certain hours…ending at about 9:30 pm… son reported being visited and struggling with someone in his room at that time….he was not able to open his eyes and thought he was the morning scratch marks were clearly visible on his arms as if someone was trying to drag him.

another son reported at that time that he was beginning to watch a movie on television when he felt pressed down into the bed but could not open his eyes ..the next thing he remembers is opening his eyes and the movie was over…i called barnes afb to ask about any flyovers…but have not gotten a reply yet. thanks

One thought on “Northampton, Massachusetts, USA; June 24, 2009

  1. Jorge Rodriguez

    On the day of my son’s IMS 15 graduation ceremony, after it was over, it was a beautiful after noon and I decided to walk home. I live in the Bronx NY and on that after noon of June 19, 2009, while looking up into the sky I noticed a very shiny object free falling from very high up; it looked like a star but not a shooting star. It got shinier and disappeared in a cloud; it came out from under the cloud as a small disc. A bright aqua colored flash appeared under it in its center and the disc slowed down. It then started hovering horizontally, slowly and when it came out from under the cloud, the sun light hit it and it was shiny like the sun reflecting of a mirror. It moved slowly in zig zag moves and even did a slow circular move. I pulled out my digital camera to take a video but the memory was full; I had used it all at my son’s graduation. I was really upset; and when I look around the object was gone.


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