Bakersfield, California, USA; June 22, 2009

Name: steve

Date: June 22, 2009

Location: Bakersfield, California

Message: Bakersfield, CA NW side…

22062009 +/- 2030

as the sun was setting i was in my back yard working on my gazebo.. so i happened to be looking up at the time. my attention went to what looked like the landing lights of a very large plane at about 10-20 thousand feet pointing straight at me but not moving laterally… only moving in a very tight circle, covering about 1/4 inch in my field of view.

it flashed brightly then appeared to break up as it dimmed in the span of about 1-2 seconds. it then moved ineradicably covering a larger field of view of about 1 inch of space (to my eye, obviously) at this time about as bright as a large satellite or an aircraft at about 40-50 thousand feet… never moving too far from its general position and always returning… it faded in and out of view for about 1 minute as it broke up into 3-10 tiny pieces and back into 1 very dim piece.

the stars were beginning to appear at this time but were much brighter as you could begin to distinguish them through the haze of the sunset through the atmosphere. my first guess was that this was a meteor entering the atmosphere in a trajectory of about 180 degrees to my vision (very rare, but still possible)… but it was present to my perception for quite a long time… i even had the time to say several times things like … “wow, woah… what is that?… it looks strange… its breaking up… coming back together… do you see that? (to my wife, replying ) i did… is it still there?, yes… etc… my next thought was that it was there for far too long to be a rock falling at terminal velocity.

then as the stars started become visible it was obvious that it began from within the atmosphere… another possibility i think would be that we just witnessed a star exploding very far away… still waiting to see if astronomers report such an event. otherwise i would be inclined to think its just another ET vehicle making entry into our atmosphere and hovering at a safe distance until it proceeds to its destination.

3 thoughts on “Bakersfield, California, USA; June 22, 2009

  1. dean

    i also spotted a ufo on that same night, although my sighting was in santa cruz,ca. it was a bright orange disk about 600 yards away. it hovered for a few minutes,made a loop and then vanished. luckily i got a fairly decent photo before it wife,sister,her husband and my neighbor also witnessed it.i called the radio station and reported it.they said i was the fourth person who called it in,although i was the only one who got a photo of it. i took the image down to the station and showed them and they had me come in the next morning for a live interview. i will post the picture online as soon as i zoom and crop the image.


  2. Tanya


    My husband and I were up at about between 4:30 am to 6:00 am this morning 9-7-2009 and we saw in the east sky a large pulsating sphere. It was very bright and in constant motion. It looked very close as if it was in our atmosphere not in space like a star. We had a great view with my husbands scope. I’ll do my best to describe it. It was a large round ball contantly turning, sometimes it would turn and have a flat bottom and round top or flat side and round on the other side, like I said it is constantly in motion. I took pictures with my digital camera and two of the pictures look like its a planet, but the rest of the pictures were streams of light. Every image is a different stream of light. I thought there was something wrong with my camera so I shot a couple of other things and there was no stream of light. Every time I shot at this ball of light, it was a different stream of light. I am not sure what this is, as I am no expert on anything relating to the sky. I have pictures if you are interested. I would really like to know what this is if anyone has an opinion. Star, satellite,planet,comet,ufo, I just don’t know. Thanks.


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