Morenci, Arizona, USA; 1992

Name: BJ

Date: 1992

Location: Morenci, AZ

Message: I was driving from three way towards the town of Clifton. The Phelps Dodge copper mine is in Morenci and the mine is visible from the three way position. There was a large metallic object huvering over the mine. It was dusk and the sun was glaring off it very brightly on the left side. It was shaped like a diamond. The object didn’t move up or down or even side to side.

As we drove into town… coming up on the “horseshoe” curve, there were many cars and police pulled over on Hwy 191 watching it as well. We drove to my mothers house to ask her for her video camera but by the time we got it and drove towards the mine. It was gone.

I returned to my mothers and called the local sheriff office and asked if they could tell me what it was… I was told that they had no idea what it was and were confused as much as I was.

I have never heard anything or any reports about the incident, but I know that there were many people who witnessed this.

Just wondering if anyone will talk about it.

It has been almost 16 years…. It was daylight and very big. Please someone reply.

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