Sherborn, Massachusetts, USA; June 16, 2009

Name: j and k

Date: June 16, 2009

Location: Sherborn, Massachusetts

Message: 6/16/09 My fiance and i just whitnessed something very hard to explain in the night sky over Sherborn,Ma! We were enjoying dip in our hot tub taking in the stars when a blinking object caught our attention! it was covering a very large distance in a very short time and making very erratic turns….

kind of looked like a firefly in space…
single flashing light zig zaging etc…

I have been looking at the stars a very long time, and have never seen anything like this before….i know good deal about speed and distance and how to judge how far an object is and how fast it is moving….

and my friends i can say…..


j and k

“hot tub UFO”

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