Jamestown, Rhode Island, USA; September 17, 2008

Name: TBD

Date: September 17, 2008

Location: Jamestown Island, Rhode Island

Message: This event occurred 17 September 2008 at approximately 17:00, on Jamestown Island, Rhode Island.

I was traveling West on route 138, and approaching the entrance to the Jamestown Bridge. I looked up between the tree lines. I observed a pale neon blue colored light approaching in front and to my left, just above the tree line. I slowed to observe the object. The light remained constant, and an object enormous appeared to float across the opening above the road.

I was approximately 100 yards from the entrance to the bridge. I checked my rear view mirror and began slowing down. There were no other vehicles behind me or approaching me on the East bound lanes. I was able to approach within 50 to 70 yards from the slowly gliding object. My observation lasted for less than several minutes. It was still very bright out. The object passed from my left, to my right over the tree line and soon was out of view.

As the object began to float across the open area above the highway the event became surreal. I observed no strobe lights, no lift surfaces. The pale neon blue light was enclosed in a large vertically mounted rectangular housing on the front of the object. As I watched the object, there were four such large vertical rectangular housings. The object was circular with a vertical rectangular housing located at each quadrant. The object traveled from my left to my right. Geographically the object was moving North. It followed the water’s edge on the west side of Jamestown Island.

The object was enormous and floated just above the tree line. The flight was extremely smooth and level. I observed no exhaust, no strobe lights, no running lights, no markings, no windows or lights except the pale neon blue glowing light emanating from the large rectangular housings. When I lowered both my passenger and driver’s door window, it was perfectly quiet. I could not detect any sound, other than my own road noise. I also experienced no electrical malfunctions in my vehicle.

The object was perhaps 200 ft in length, about 50 ft thick. It appeared to have a dark flat charcoal gray color. The surface appeared to have a rough or splatter textured finish. Both the top and bottom surfaces had a slight convex surface, much akin to an inverted child’s aluminum snow disc. There appeared to be a ridge where the upper convex surface joined the vertical wall of the center section. There also appeared to be. the same type of ridge where the lower convex surface joined the vertical wall of the center section. The ridge appeared similar to a rolled seam. No doors or hatches were observed. However a right angle discoloration, much like that of a shadows, were observed on the right rear quadrant.

The top of the four rectangular housings were integrated into rectangular tunnel-like structures which radiated from the center of the top surface of the object. The same is true on the lower or bottom surface of the four rectangular bottom, as they were integrated into similar tunnel-like structures which radiated from the center of the lower or bottom surface. Each structure or arm ran from the high point or center of the object, remained constant in width and height until reaching the rectangular housing. There was one such rectangular housing at each quadrant of the object. The object’s travel was in-line and parallel, with one rectangular housing directly in front, and one in the rear.

Three of the four vertical rectangular housings was observed. Each was orientated with the long axis of the rectangle perpendicular to the flat plane of the object. The pale neon blue glow was recessed within each of the rectangular housings. There were no flat surfaces or sharp corners on the housings. The outside surface of the vertical rectangular structure rolled from from the outside edge to the recessed pale blue glowing surface centered within the housing.

I was struck by the enormous size of the object, the lack of any lift surfaces and the smooth and level flight the object demonstrated. As the object moved away from me and I observed the rear vertical rectangle housing. The outer skin rolled over into the inside surface. The pale blue light was constant and being emitted from a flat surface, recessed at approximately ¼ the thickness of the vertical rectangular housings.

After the object passed out of my field of view, on my right, I began to cross the bridge and using my rear view mirror attempted to see the object. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. I did also investigate the DOT webcams at either end of the bridge. The field of view due to the current camera angle would not have captured the object.

My assessment is that the the four vertical rectangular structures were propulsion. The placement of one vertical rectangular housing at each quadrant of the object made sense from a force generation perceptive. The shape, size, radius corners and surface of the vertical rectangular structures conceptually implied a housing for an induction coil or electromagnetic coil. Given the azure blue, recessed inner surface, it occurred that it might be driven by ion propulsion. Granted this is pure speculation, but based on my engineering background it just made logical sense.

I am leaving the source of this report as anonymous due to possible repercussions. Sometimes, I wish this event had never occurred. I am only reporting the event as I expect I will forget much of the detail in time. I have not informed anyone of this event, and will continue not to. I do not care who was behind the wheel, nor do I feel the need for others to believe me or not. Based on the manner of flight, and what I perceive the manner of propulsion to be, I do not believe the vehicle to of local vintage.

The event was reported to MUFON, but as I have learned this was a waste of time.