Prescott, Arizona, USA; June 11, 2009

Name: Arizona

Date: June 11, 2009

Location: Prescott, Arizona

Message: My daughter just called me from Prescott AZ this evening and asked me to look at the western sunset sky to see if I could see a strange bright light. Her description was….

Much larger light than anything like Venus or any other familiar star or planet, etc.

Initially looked like the shape of a “weather balloon”… could almost envision sort of like a “kite” with a round top…and a slight “tail” pointing downwards…but not really clear enough to discern.

It changed colors as the sun went down.

It has not changed position.

It has appeared to get smaller as the sky darkened.

She and a neighbor were still sitting on the porch and watching it as I hung up the phone and looked for internet info on current sitings, etc….which brought me to your site.

Anybody else see such a thing ? It is cloudy here in Michigan…so I was unable to confirm whatever she is seeing….and I am not even sure that I could see it anyway from across the continent…

11 thoughts on “Prescott, Arizona, USA; June 11, 2009

  1. TBD

    I live in North Phoenix and I saw the object your daughter is speaking of. I watched it for over an hour last night(6:45-7:45). The entire time I was watching it I was trying to think of what it could be. I was thinking it could be a weather balloon but the way the object just went out of sight was strange. It only took about 20 seconds and it was gone. I figured if it was some type of ballon you would have seen a gradual decrease in size. The way it left my sight line it literally was out of sight in about 20 seconds.

    I am not saying this was an spaceship but I couldn’t make it out as man made either.


  2. saw it in the sky

    I saw the extremely bright object in the sky while I was driving home at dusk. I called a few friends so that they could also view it. When I reached home I looked at it through small binoculars. It appeared ballon shape or triangular. One side was extremely brightly lit. Too bright to be a balloon or anything the military would put up there. When a plane flew in its vicinity, the plane looked miniscule in comparison. There was also a very small bright object below it that would come and go. I believe it was an UFO.


  3. Justin

    I saw the same thing. I live on the west side of Prescott. I too called a friend that lives in the NW PHX area. She saw the same thing. The weird thing is that it didn’t move in the sky at all. If logic prevails a balloon would move east to west, right. All jet streams move that way,right. I asked a pilot friend who was in the air at that that time. He said that he saw it too and that all aviation chatter was about that”thing” to the west. My friend that lives in PHX’s house is about 90 miles straight line from my location. I am convinced that it was not of this world, despite what military says!


  4. Brian Shaleen

    We saw the same thing as explained by all the only thing is we were driving into Blyth Ca.I too called the police and they thought I was drinking so they sent a car to check me out.The cop arrived and was startled at the sight as me and about 15 people in the albertsons parking lot were glued to this thing. The officer used his binoculars and we all saw things shooting out the bottom of it.I took some pictures and will try to download monday morning.


  5. Trish

    We saw the same thing. Seemed to change shapes a little from time to time. Lasted at least an hour. Was hoping to find out exactly what it was but at least we were’nt the only ones to see it.


  6. Pod

    I was at the Grand Canyon (on Vaccation from the UK). Got some pretty good pictures with a 300mm zoom lense. The thing is quite clearly a high altitude research balloon released from Lowell Observatory in NM.


  7. G McGIll

    My wife was very excited a couple of weekends ago as she saw the exact same thing you guys are talking about. We live in Prescott Arizona near the airport and we saw this object floating a couple of miles away up about 5000 feet.

    I grabbed my binoculars and discovered it was a balloon. It looked very similar to a hot air ballon but I have since heard that it is a weather balloon. It was silver in color and when the sun hit it, it lit up very well and also changed color with the evening sun.

    My wife took some photos, I am not how clear they are but am happy to email them over to you.

    my email is



  8. Cody from PV

    I live up in Mingus. And just recently, tonight actually i was looking over towards prescott and i saw this light it got brighter then dimmed away. Another appeared, but this time there was a second light that appeared . They kept appearing a disappearing, sometimes 3 would appear, sometimes 2, and sometimes just one. They stayed in the same general area. This lasted for about a half an hour. If anybody has seen the same lights please let me know.


  9. Cody from PV

    Well its been a while to anybody thats read this. But tonight i saw thee lights again. First time in a few months. They realy trip me out.


  10. Anonymous

    Yes, we’re actually looking at it right now, which drove me do a google search and lead me to this sight.  It appears to have a blue center and is surrounded by red.  it isn’t a symmetrical shape, i thought weather balloon too, but am quite unsure.  I am in gilbert, az.


  11. keith

    I saw the thing too. Thought it was sept 11 or 12. Was evening, in a taco bell parking lot in gilbert az looked up towards the north east and noticed highly unusual object too small for moon, too big for planet or star. Kept watching it was bright silver like a star, rock solid never moved. Looked like a heart shape with a hole in the middle, or hot air balloon shape. I thought weather balloon but the thing was huge considering the distances. Turned orange and disappeared when sun down. Was it a nasa experiment, balloon or Alien Mothership? I dont know…keep looking up maybe it’ll be back.


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