Dale Hollow Reservoir, Tennessee, USA; May 24, 2009

Name: Alan

Date: May 24, 2009

Location: Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee

Message: I saw a UFO may 24 2009 at 11pm or I think it was a UFO. We was on a camping trip to dale hollow lake when we saw it, We was standing at the campsite and I looked up at the beautiful sky and all at once I saw a flashing light streaming across the sky at an extremely high rate of speed. I looked at two of my friends and pointed it out and one of them said it a shooting stare, I told her shooting stars don’t blink and all at once it stopped moving and changed direction three times and then streaked out of sight.

I have never believed in UFOs but I have racked my brain on what it could have been and have come up empty. I would have never told any one if three of us had not witnessed it.

One comment

  1. ik heb 3 x in 2jaar ufo”s gezien samen met mn vriendin…ze waren orange en wit….zonder geluid en ze bleven eerst 10min stil hangen. waarna ze zonder geluid door de lucht bewogen en na 15min ontzichtbaar werden :)… groetjes uit groningen (holland)


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