West Lafayette, Indiana, USA; January 23, 2008

Name: skeptical until now

Date: January 23, 2008

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

Message: Look, firstly, I’m level headed guy with a great paying job, responsible father, and known by many in my community. I have no reason to make this up. I’m not looking for attention… At approximately 7pm on the 23 of January, my Dad called me from the road traveling North on South 18th st. in Lafayete. He witnessed yellowish orange lights in the eastern sky. He pulled his car over to the side of the road and got out to get a better look.

Basically, he called me to get confirmation that what he was seeing was real and wanted someone else to witness the event. I was at home. I live in a sub-division in West Lafayette near W52. My sub-division is relatively new, so there are no street lights to obstruct my view…all I see is open sky. I stepped out on my patio and looked around towards the south-southeastern sky. I have to admit, I was reluctant, and didn’t believe what my own father was telling me.

I stood on the patio for 2 minutes with nothing to confirm, then out of nowhere, a bright light came down at an angle, then zipped back up at a 45 degree angle and stopped as if it was hovering. 2 seconds later, another yellowish orange light appeared to the bottom left of the first, then another that flickered for a second then became as brilliant as the other two lights. I WAS STUNNED!! They just hovered there for about 3 seconds then literally disappeared!

I live about 3 miles form Purdue Airport and typically there is some traffic from small commuter planes. Honestly, the way this thing/things moved, it was not a plane. My Dad called me again and left a v-mail saying he was following the lights the best he could to see exactely what it was only to loose the lights near the Tippecanoe Mall area. He described them as appearing and disappearing, moving at a high rate of speed. At 7:20pm, I left my home to get a bite to eat.

It was extremely cold that night so I wasn’t expecting anyone to be walking around who may have witnessed the lights. But, there were alot of cars on the road. I find it hard to believe that no one else saw this and I’m looking for confirmation that what I saw was real. Someone who I don’t know. I called the local authorities and asked if anyone had made a report and they said no. I also called WLFI and they didn’t hear of anything either. I’m very skeptical about alot of things.

This has somewhat changed me and I wished it didn’t happen. If anyone out there has witnessed this, please post a comment here.