Panama City, Florida, USA; July, 2005

Name: Jacob

Location: North of Panama City, Florida

Date: July, 2005

Message: A few years ago, the night before Hurricane Dennis, about three miles north of highway 20, 20 miles north of Panama City, my wife and I had an awesome sighting.

We live out in the woods. In the distance you could hear bottle rockets going off. One of my dogs gets freaked out by the popping and she jumped out of her pen. Watching TV, I noticed her at the back door, so I went out to put her back in. Took her down to the pens. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a red light going up, didn’t think anything of it. Put her in the pen, and was walking back up to the house when I noticed the light go back down. Even then I did not really pay it much attention until I realized it wasn’t a light, it was more hazy, just lit up.

Also there was no more whistling or popping going on. In fact it was dead quiet. So I turned back around and starred down the hill. Amazingly this thing shot back up into the sky, way up too, real fast, and then went back down to were it was in the woods. I ran to the house and screamed at my wife. We both watched it for about ten minutes. It would go way up and move around, back and forth, before going back down to the same spot in the woods. This happened at least 5 times. All this time, it was a red mist, that appeared to be lit up. At the end of the sighting, the formation tightened up, and changed to a champaign color. Its hard to say, but as it left it seemed to get closer. For just a second it looked like the light was around a bright orange “disc”, with maroon or blood colored “windows”, or “portholes”, and then it was gone.

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