Ontario, Canada; June 18, 2007

Name: Dustika

Date: June 18, 2007

Location: Ontario, Canada

Message: I saw the exact same thing on the evening of June 18th in in Central Ontario (Canada). There were 15 others gathered around a bonfire who witnessed the same thing. There was no sound, and two lights moving at exactly the same speed, maintaining the same distance. What the?

2 thoughts on “Ontario, Canada; June 18, 2007

  1. D Morgan

    Name: D Morgan

    Submitted on 2008/06/09 at 2:13pm

    June 08
    Witnessed 2 objects like stars in the southwestern sky in a formation. Looked like stars until my girlfriend and I noticed them moving northeast. I ran inside to get bonoculars but she lost sight of them when suddenly I witnessed 3 orange shiny objects flying in the opposite direction in a formation and moving like shooting stars. They swayed back and forth rapidly with the middle light shifting back and forth rapidy and they disappeard in the western sky. It was astonishing. My girlfriend and I were left speechless.


  2. Lou

    Name: Lou

    Published on: Jan 22, 2007 @ 17:11

    i saw 3 perfectly round fuzzy objects flying in a triangle in a clear moonlit sky about 3 yrs ago. they went from a triangle into a line one behind the other for a while then transformed into a triangle again, traveling in a east to west direction just above the horizon. has there been any similar sitings?


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