Hermosa Beach, California, USA; April 22, 2008

Name: Jenni

Date: April 22, 2008

Location: Hermosa Beach, California

Message: Okay, let me start out by saying I am a true non-believer in UFO’s, but last night i experienced something I never thought I would. I live in Hermosa Beach, CA and as i was laying in bed awake last night around 12:45 am i heard a few helicopters circling around above, and didn’t think anything of it, until I heard them circling for a few minutes.

I peered through my shades and looked out in the sky to see if i could see them. I saw something, and rubbed my eyes for 3 minutes wondering what the hell it was. I was looking for any defining features of a helicopter and found none. Plus what i saw flying around in blue and red lights was way to far away and moving around way too quickly, so much so that I honestly thought it was a shooting star for a second.

After 3 minutes I thought i was going crazy so I got up and put a jacket on, and at the same time my neighbor was pounding on my door to go get a video camera. I put a new tape in my camera and sat outside video taping for 10 minutes. It was no helicopter, and the binoculars my other neighbor had showed nothing hanging from it.

It was shooting up and down and around for like 20 minutes, circular shape – i would hate to say saucer shape, but that’s honestly what it looked like. Bright blue lights going all around it and one red light.

I have no idea if this correlates with the other sightings, but i have it on video tape, and tried to convince myself all night it was a parachuter or something, but i have it on video and it could not possibly go up and down that erratically and high in the sky, as quickly as a shooting star if it was a parachute, or anything of that nature.

I have no idea what do do or who to tell, but i have clear video footage, and i would’ve dropped the whole idea if my mom in Seattle hadn’t told me this morning that there was a UFO sighting in Phoenix only a half hour or so before me and my entire apartment complex saw it in the sky out over the ocean.

Any ideas??? Who to contact?? Alternative flying aircrafts?? I haven’t heard back from the local news yet from my call and could only think to google any sightings from last night.

3 thoughts on “Hermosa Beach, California, USA; April 22, 2008

  1. Anonymous

    Name: kaz

    Submitted on 2008/05/08 at 12:20pm

    jennit..thats crazy b/c I saw the same thing last Tuesday in Hermosa around 4 am but it was being chased by 2 helicopters and and then shot straight into the water..I did not get footage..but would love to see yours as my ddad does not believe me..could you send it to me or if you would oike could we get together at java man or something so you can show me
    my pH# is 310-923-1045


    Name: Katy

    Submitted on 2008/06/19 at 4:39pm

    Hey guys. I live in Hermosa and I was looking around on the internet today because I think the same thing happened last night. Did you guys hear the helicopter just circling and circling for like 20 minutes? No sirens so not a cop thing. It creeped me out for no real reason and couldn’t even get out of bed to go peek. I live on my own and I was too scared of what I might see. I’m a whimp.


    Name: Jordan

    Submitted on 2008/08/24 at 1:05am

    I live in Hermosa Beach, on Hermosa Avenue, close to the water. I saw the same thing you described, it was last night, August 22. Other people were witnessing it with me, and I talk to a friend at work who saw it also, he was further away on Pier avenue. But this round, or ring shapped object was right above my apartment but high up. It was blue and changed color to green, and had a red light in the middle, which wasn’t allways visible. It hung around for about 30 minutes, moving irratically. Definatley nothing I’ve seen before, I couldn’t identify it.


  2. steve

    Bakersfield, CA NW side…

    22062009 +/- 2030

    as the sun was setting i was in my back yard working on my gazebo.. so i happened to be looking up at the time. my attention went to what looked like the landing lights of a very large plane at about 10-20 thousand feet pointing straight at me but not moving laterally… only moving in a very tight circle, covering about 1/4 inch in my field of view. it flashed brightly then appeared to break up as it dimmed in the span of about 1-2 seconds. it then moved ineradicably covering a larger field of view of about 1 inch of space (to my eye, obviously) at this time about as bright as a large satellite or an aircraft at about 40-50 thousand feet… never moving too far from its general position and always returning… it faded in and out of view for about 1 minute as it broke up into 3-10 tiny pieces and back into 1 very dim piece. the stars were beginning to appear at this time but were much brighter as you could begin to distinguish them through the haze of the sunset through the atmosphere. my first guess was that this was a meteor entering the atmosphere in a trajectory of about 180 degrees to my vision (very rare, but still possible)… but it was present to my perception for quite a long time… i even had the time to say several times things like … “wow, woah… what is that?… it looks strange… its breaking up… coming back together… do you see that? (to my wife, replying ) i did… is it still there?, yes… etc… my next thought was that it was there for far too long to be a rock falling at terminal velocity. then as the stars started become visible it was obvious that it began from within the atmosphere… another possibility i think would be that we just witnessed a star exploding very far away… still waiting to see if astronomers report such an event. otherwise i would be inclined to think its just another ET vehicle making entry into our atmosphere and hovering at a safe distance until it proceeds to its destination.


  3. Alex

    I was not in hermosa beach at the Time of this 4/22 sighting. I have however experience something else crazy here. I have seen the entire south bay light up bright green while i was sitting at Marine and PCH in my car late at night. All the stop lights went out so i thought it was just a transformer blowing up. But this was a bright explosion. Palos Verdes became visible. Then, randomly later, i met an older guy at the gym and he told me about a green flash that he saw when he was my age. I said nothing to him about my experience. He told me the green flash that he experience was visible to a pilot up in Washington. And NO this is not the sun set green flash of the south bay. This was a lightning bright, blinding explosion.


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