Thomaston, Connecticut, USA; September, 2007

Name: Marc

Date: September, 2007

Location: Canaan and Thomaston, Connecticut

Message: I have seen many UFOs lately. Two nights this month, I observed a incredibly bright orange flame colored craft just hovering without movement. It was exactly South from where we were, in Canaan, CT. It was larger by 10 times than the north star. I had 3 other witnesses with me watching. They all said it was a plane flying towards us, then were astonished as it instantly disappeared. It was completely silent, and had no blinking lights on it.

I have also been witnessing many strange lights moving very low, above the mountains for the last several nights in Thomaston, CT. There were 3 tonight, and many the last few nights. They disappear in the same fashion after flying over the mountain tops in an oddly goofy manner. There is no aircraft from this planet that can maneuver this way, or at this rate of speed. These lights were like a welding arc..whitish-blue. Very bright, and brighter than any star. Completely silent as well.

Thanks for letting me comment!

One comment

  1. Please contact me regarding your sighting Marc. I too have seen a similar large orange light in Canaan. It was getting larger but I was also driving towards it as it descended. I do not want to post details here, but I drove through this light. Driving through it must have lasted a nano second but at the same time, imparted on me, a sight and sounds that will last a lifetime.  My email is if you would like to converse and share additional details about this light you saw in Canaan.  Thanks, Bran


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