Santa Cruz, California, USA; July, 2007

Name: kelly

Date: July 2007

Location: Santa Cruz, California

Message: santa cruz, ca.between July 1-7, 2007 between 11am-3pm .i was looking at some pictures my husband had taken with his new digital camera. we live in santa cruz, cal. near the ocean. anyway, he took a series of pictures with friends and family posing with the Old Santa Cruz lighthouse i the area on west cliff drive. while my son and i were looking at photos, 3 of them had an odd line or somethi ng in the background, high in the sky. it was barely noticable until you really looked at them.

my son and i didnt know what to think. he thought it was a bird but it was way to high to be a bird. and the 3 in a row photos , this object had moved quite a distance in the times between each of the 3 pics. the pics were taken one after the others as a series of pictures. it is a strange thing and not many would have noticed it.but i tend to find things by noticing that the object doesnt belong were i see it. not that i am a “good looker” i just notice when things are a bit different than they should be.

peaple doubt me alot because of what i see sometimes. but i know what i have seen. i have also seen an animal cross a road in 1973, that i can only describe as hige, hairy with long arms red eyes and it took 3 steps to cross this 2 lane road called, Grahm Hill between santa cruz and felton ca.i will never forget that either. before mom died she used to tell this story to others who said they had the same experience or similiar. i have a history of “seeing things” that other dont. i am going to ask my husband to post those photos for other to examine. i dont know how to post them myself.

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