Santa Clara, California, USA; December 2, 2008

Name: kelly

Date: December 2, 2008

Location: Santa Clara, California

Message: hello. i saw what i beleive to be a u.f.o. on december 2nd about 7:05 pm. i live in calif. and was in santa clara area in my aunts backyard just looking at the stars. it had 3 distinct lights and from my view point , it was triangular in shape. i think i was looking at the underside of the object.

after what seemed like an hour, the lights disappeared behind this strange cloud, smoke type thing and then the San Jose international airport, about 5 miles away from where i was, suddenly turned on their BIG, BIG lights, like the old time showlights of the fairs. it was a searchlight. the whole experience was only 10 minutes when i went back into the house.

i saw this same identical object 1 time before at my own home in santa cruz, calif. it was the same shape, same lights but we dont have a big airport so i dont know if anyone else saw it. i didnt note the date on the night i saw this thing in santa cruz. i was sleeping outside on an old couch, it was summer and very hot. it was aboiut 4am that time in santa cruz. i am still amazed at what i saw.

especially the december 2nd sighting i even wrote down the date and time of the second incedent in december 2008. we are not alone. strange, the 1st time i saw this thing at 4am i got the willies and went back inside to sleep. the second time in santa clara, i wasnt afraid, i was so excited. especialy when the airport search lights went on. i knew there was no doubt that i had seen something in the sky that december night.

Second Message: 2008, about 7pm, santa clara , california. 3 lights , triangular shape. searchlights at the nearby international airport went on . then it disappeared. this was 12/2/08, 7-7:30pm.

saw the same exact sight in santa cruz, california, sleeping outside about 4am this time, i didnt notice the date as i wasnt sure about what i saw.

the december sighting was amazing because i KNOW i saw it that time. the airport searchlights went on for a few minutes after this object sort of disappeared behind a cloud or smoke screen, not sure which. i do know they are out there. the airports dont generally use the BIG lights unless they are looking for something. anyone else see this on or about december 1-3, 7pm ca. time?

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