Lansing, Michigan, USA; Summer, 1996

Name: Kelly

Date: Summer 1996

Location: Lansing, Michigan

Message: In the summer of 1996, I noticed a lighted object moving downward in the night sky. (This was on South Cedar Street at the cross streets of Jolly and Cedar). With the night city lights, it was difficult to determine the light was moving down, but I was able to determine it was, in fact, moving down.

When we caught up to where the object should have come to a stop before hitting the ground, we noticed a beam of light shining onto a dark parking lot. By the time our car got turned around to investigate, the object had flown away. If this would have been a helicopter, it would have made noise, this was a silent object. I called the Lansing airport and they reported no air crafts were in the area.

In the fall of 1997, on Halloween night in Charlotte, MI, I was out trick or treating with my daughter, another mom, and a town full of other people, when we looked up and there was a florescent glowing ball of light gliding silently just above the tree lines. It was moving at a slow, steady speed and was silent.

Arriving home, her husband reported seeing the object as well. Looking up, it was dark against the city lights so there was no way to make out an object if the light was attached to a larger object.

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