Wayland Township, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

Name: amy

Date: July 04, 2008

Location: Wayland Township, Michigan

Message: youve got two more witnesses here. wayland township, around 10:30-11:00, july 4th. we saw the same thing as described above, but it (same one?) came back again about 20-40 minutes later. same description, but in my words it was what appeared to be a glowing golden ball that was somehow illuminated with a reddish glow, but the colors were not quite seperate. it hovered over the fireworks over lake cobb for a couple minutes then came toward us westerly then shot up slightly to the south and appeared to be leaving our atmosphere as it slowly dissapeared from sight. the second came back and did almost the same exact thing. there was no sound at all.

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