Rogers, Arkansas, USA; May 31, 2009

Name: Michael Rocco

Date: May 31, 2009

Location: Rogers, Arkansas

Message: My wife and I were traveling north on I-540 Sunday May 31,2009. At approx 12:00 noon, we both saw an object in the clear cloudless blue sky. It was a long cylindrical craft with approx. 5 or 6 black framed rectangular spaces (windows?) down the side that was facing us.

It was very slow moving (hardly at all) and as we were trying to get a better look, it just disappeared. It was like it either took off at a tremendous rate of speed, or soemehow became invisible to us.

We had seen this same type of object once before approx. 2 years ago. It also was while we were traveling on I-540, during the day, and around the Rogers/Bentonville area. Did anyone else witness this?

One thought on “Rogers, Arkansas, USA; May 31, 2009

  1. Tommy Mills

    Me and my co worker was was at Indian Creek working on a house when I seen a bright light in the sky.  I was looking at an airplane thinking it was the source of the bright light but seen that it was’nt.  this object was really shiny and was larger than the plane and situated over Rogers Arkansas.  this was around May 31st 2009  when i first seen it, it was moving slow like hovering I said something to my co worker and he looked at it and said he hadnt seen a plane that was that round and reflective. then it started moving really fast to the south and within a second it was gone. 
    I wonder if we seen the same thing?


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