Reisterstown, Maryland, USA; October 27, 2007

Name: HEshimu

Date of Event: Saturday Oct 27, Approx 1:30 AM

Location of Event: Route 30 between Hampstead and Reisterstown. We we driving south toward Reisterstown.

Message: We saw a flashing blue light. In the air in front of us. At first glance it looked like cloud to cloud lightning. But it had and eerie blue color.

Light was coming from a a single spot as if it were a very bright light bulb. When we found a spot to pull over on the side of the road about 20 seconds after beginning to observe the object, it disappeared.

This was maybe 2 or 3 miles north of Camp Fretterd and seen on the opposite side of route 30. I would welcome feed back on whether anyone else saw this.

One thought on “Reisterstown, Maryland, USA; October 27, 2007

  1. Moorecsj

    Name: Moorecsj

    Submitted on 2008/08/04 at 7:47pm

    My 15 yr old son and his friend ran home lastnight, August 3, 2008, after seeing a blue light come straight down out of no where for a few seconds. There was no helicopter or noise in the neighborhood at the time and they were totally startled. He described it as a blue bright bright light that appeared and disappeared quickly followed by a swooching sound as if something took off. Him and his friend were just walking along the street coming home. They both were nervous and scared out of their wits. He did not think I would believe him. He described the light as coming directly out of the center from beneath an object with additional lights on it. What I personally find odd is that he says it was a blue bright light. .


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