Pentland Hills, Scotland, UK; November 17, 2007

Name: Al.

Date: November 17, 2007

Location: Pentland Hills, Scotland, United Kingdom

Message: Yesterday 17th November at around 10:50 am I was travelling to the pentland hills down the A70 for my usual saturday run. I saw a vapour trail in the sky but couldn’t quite make out the plane.. I can’t quite put my finger on it but the trail didn’t look the same as you usually see. It actually looked like something was falling really slowly from the SKY..

I slowed down to look and I then saw a small ball of light darting in and out of the vapor trail.. absolutely amazing.. It didn’t glow.. it was more like a mirror suface.. I immediatel phoned my folks who i knew were in the vicinity and sure enough my mum could see the trail.. laughed when i said what else i had seen then exclaimed “Yes i see it now.. what is that” there was a 3rd witness standing beside her who also saw this. I know there is some sort of army base up in the pentlands and maybe there is some explanation.. id love to know what I saw is this was extremely weird..

2 thoughts on “Pentland Hills, Scotland, UK; November 17, 2007

  1. Scott

    Name: Scott

    Submitted on 2007/12/13 at 4:55pm

    I also saw what you described… only what I saw was on the 23rd of November above Glasgow..

    Was driving in to my street and looked up into the clear blue sky with the sun setting and saw what looked like a large plane with a very small vapour trail (which I found really strange as the plane that had passed minutes earlyer had left a trail as far as my eyes could see), watched it for a bit as I got out my car and it seemed to curve downwards.. thats when I saw the bright round object appear a bit away from it. the light then bobed over to the vapor trail and they just blinked out… vapor trail and all… glad someone saw it also albeit a week apart…this was not a plane, it was weird!!! I have check this date out on the web and there has been a rash of ufo sightings all accross Scotland at this time…get in touch mate…Ive saw lots of weird thing over the years.

    with regards too the -Pentland Hills, Scotland event
    on the November 17, 2007


  2. greg

    i live in the united states. I honestly seem the same thing on december 18th. I saw a jet in the sky with twp seperate vapor trail, and when i looked closer i noticed a white ball weaving in and out of the trail, which was a short vapor trail for being a jet. I didn’t tell anyone bc i didnt want to seem crazy, but i know what i saw.


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