Edinburgh, Scotland, UK; October 22, 2007

Name: Gordon

Date of Event: Wednesday 22nd October 2007

Location of Event: Edinburgh

Message: If you recall the last time I emailed you it was about time loss and Mr. X tooth.

We are still trying to find out more about the 3 different colour’s used in the pins and why we can’t get a close up picture of it with out distorting the image.

The part of the Pentlands hills near Edinburgh Scotland where he got satellite photos shows 3 round objects and what looks like a massive cylinder fuel tank. The reason why we can’t get access is that area belongs to the MOD and the same US forces that control area 51. The paper trail that identifies them shows there are more US military people there they would have us believe. The soccer shape crafts that I stated in the last letter look like the same that’s on the ground. But they look like they can transform camouflaged to what ever the environment they’re in.

If you look via Google earth the area is blurred out and it was only by chance he got the photos. With this in mind here’s the real shocker for Mr. Bush is, at about 4am last Wednesday 22nd October 2007 and as your intelligent people will know there was a massive return of a large object in the sky over the Pentlands hills near Edinburgh. I had the telescope and camera on it and monitored its every move deep inside it.

Believe me it drew me in and the only thing that saved my mind was I fell over a few times. I watched its transgression many times and, it’s the scariest thing I’ve seen. Well maybe not as scary as Bush dressing up in all those different uniforms. “Just joking” That’s just to take the picture out of my mind as its hard living in different time zones. Some people believe the contrails left at high altitude are supplied by the US to spray the atmosphere is to ether to stop them penetration our airspace or feeding them. What I seen is too scary to tell in this format and I wouldn’t like to cause any form of panic. But when members of the US government state America is the most powerful Nation in the world, do they know the truth? Letter to Professor Hawking a few years ago explains this furtherer, copy available if required via email address.

But one things for sure condensed dark matter in that form means Bushy boy has no chance against them, because what’s at the other end is evil.
If you feel it is appropriate to state what I seen in it on your web site then email me back and I will the next time I use the public library’s internet.

Yours sincerely

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