Denver, Colorado, USA; June 15, 2007

Name: Jess

Date: June 15, 2007

Location: Denver, Colorado

Message: Last Night, June 15 2007, My husband and I were coming home from the movies and saw what looked like the old stealth planes. You know the ones with the red light in the center? We watched that thing hover over the same area for at least 5 minutes. After a while, it seemed to move at a very slow speed and a very low altitude over our city. We live near DIA and it just seemed to be going around our general area.

It seemed to be traveling around the border of our city limits. We noticed after a few minutes that it was being followed by several other low flying (planes?) but they seemed to keep their distance. It was just weird. Anyway, I’m glad I found this site, cuz i wanted to tell someone. This was at around 11:30 pm. The plane, stealth thing, or whatever it was went lower or landed or whatever around 12:15 or so, and the other (planes) went away soon after.

I don’t know if we saw a UFO or what. My husband said it was a stealth plane and he was Military, so I’ll go by what he said, but what was it doing here?

It moved so … smoothly. And it was very graceful in the sky. I have just never seen one move like that before.

Anyway, thanks for listening,

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