Balltown, Kentucky, USA; December, 1977

Name: KC

Location: Balltown, Kentucky

Date: Around Christmas 1977

Message: A sighting in Nelson County, on an evening right around Christmas, 1977

I was with two of my high school friends on break from college when this event happened near Balltown and Howardstown. One of my friends had a boyfriend doing the 70’s thing and building his own log cabin out in the “country.” She had a fear he might be cheating on her and we were out to sort of cruise by the house and see what we could see. We were coming down off of a knob on a gravel road and noticed a plain, bright white light off to our right appearing over a meadow free of trees.

I remember my friend commenting that someone had gone to a lot of expense to place that light out there since her father was a linesman and owned his own utilities company. As we got closer we realized that it was not a lightpole and was a plain, rather large bright light just hovering. There was no sound to it. We stopped the car and got out and started heading into the field, (something I would not do today at my age, lol) and the light started moving upwards towards the sky.

When it got to the level of what would have looked like a distant airplane it just shot off across the sky, zoom, out of our vision in like a second. It never made a sound and was just a plain white light. Of course my parents blew me off with my father coming up with a few theories after we hurried back to Bardstown. However they later apologised when they confessed to a classic orangeish cigar shaped sighting seen near My Old Kentucky Home within a year or two after that they both witnessed.

Once again I was home from college when they told me this and I apologise for not remembering when this happened and they are both dead now. But the “cigar” must have been in 1978 or 1979. This is the first time I have ever written about this, but the best theory that a male friend gave for the light was that perhaps it was something military in nature with Fort Knox so near by. If anyone has some feedback I would appreciate it.

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