Balltown, Kentucky, USA; December, 1977

Name: KC

Location: Balltown, Kentucky

Date: Around Christmas 1977

Message: A sighting in Nelson County, on an evening right around Christmas, 1977

I was with two of my high school friends on break from college when this event happened near Balltown and Howardstown. One of my friends had a boyfriend doing the 70’s thing and building his own log cabin out in the “country.” She had a fear he might be cheating on her and we were out to sort of cruise by the house and see what we could see. We were coming down off of a knob on a gravel road and noticed a plain, bright white light off to our right appearing over a meadow free of trees.

I remember my friend commenting that someone had gone to a lot of expense to place that light out there since her father was a linesman and owned his own utilities company. As we got closer we realized that it was not a lightpole and was a plain, rather large bright light just hovering. There was no sound to it. We stopped the car and got out and started heading into the field, (something I would not do today at my age, lol) and the light started moving upwards towards the sky.

When it got to the level of what would have looked like a distant airplane it just shot off across the sky, zoom, out of our vision in like a second. It never made a sound and was just a plain white light. Of course my parents blew me off with my father coming up with a few theories after we hurried back to Bardstown. However they later apologised when they confessed to a classic orangeish cigar shaped sighting seen near My Old Kentucky Home within a year or two after that they both witnessed.

Once again I was home from college when they told me this and I apologise for not remembering when this happened and they are both dead now. But the “cigar” must have been in 1978 or 1979. This is the first time I have ever written about this, but the best theory that a male friend gave for the light was that perhaps it was something military in nature with Fort Knox so near by. If anyone has some feedback I would appreciate it.

One comment

  1. My name is Donna. In the summer of 1978, I was 17 at that time and my boyfriend and friends of ours, went down to Bowling green Kentucky to visit their grandparents. The house was very small and out in the middle of nowhere. They had no neighbors anywhere around the valley they lived in. They lived by today’s standards, very primitive with lanterns, a wood burning stove and outdoor plumbing. We all stayed in tents and a GMC Van that my boyfriend owned at that time. The second night we were there, we were all just relaxing, having a good q, when all of the sudden, we saw a brilliant orb that seemed to breathe a beautiful light and moved like it was intelligent entity. It would speed up and slow down going either way in an instant! It was so surreal, like this isn’t possible, is it?! After watching it move for approximately 30 min. it disappeared. We all just looked at each other dumbfounded and asked each other, “What was that??!”, then the valley that was south of their property began to glow with a pulsating light. I said, “Let’s go!”. I couldn’t get anyone to go with me. To this day, I regret not going to see what that was. Weirdly, on our way back home, no one wanted to talk about it. About 30 years later, I asked my ex husband (my boyfriend at that time) if he remembered the awesome orb of light and he said yes, and that he wished we would have walked down into the valley to see it. It’s one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had. It changed my life.


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