Libertytown, Maryland, USA; March 7, 2008

Name: Andie

Location: Libertytown, Maryland

Date: March 7, 2008

Message: I am on the fence about the whole UFO thing. I just cannot figure out how a REAL UFO could go undetected into our atmosphere with all sophisticated detection equipment the government’s of this world have.

Anyway, I saw what appeared to be a couple of UFO’s on my way home from work on Friday, March 7th at about 8:40pm. I live and work in a very undeveloped area so driving home is on country roads. Anyway, I was on Route 31 between Libertytown and New Windsor and I came up over a small hill and and observed what appeared to be 2 helicopters hovering very low over a field and as I got closer I realized they were not helicopters, they were positioned one behind the other way to close together to be helicopters.

There were six white round lights on one of them and the other must have been at an angle because I only saw a couple of lights on it. There were no blinking lights on either object. I slowed to almost a stop and was watching them, about 45 seconds later they both turned exactly at the same time and proceeded to fly away very slowly away from me towards Union Bridge. They were lined up behind one another and were moving exactly the same speed lined up perfectly. As they flew away I noticed no lights on the back of either one.

I thought maybe they were those Stealth Bomber planes or spy planes. There was no noise coming from them at all. It was really bizarre!!

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