Edmonds, Washington, USA; August, 2006

Thanks again to Nanook

Last August (2006) I was taking a ferry from Edmonds Washington across the Puget Sound to Kingston to visit some friends on the Kitsap Peninsula. I took some photos along the way.

This March, I was going over them, they were pretty bland, and I was playing with Paintshop Pro trying to make them look better. I used a function called “clarify” which seems to selectively enhance low contrast area to bring out cloud detail. I found a orb that had gone unnoticed previously because it was so close to the color and brightness of the sky. This was on a shot I took just as we were leaving the Edmonds dock and was looking north.

That was a Friday in late March this year 2007. Monday, I went down to Richmond Beach and took photos. Richmond Beach is 4-5 miles south of Edmonds. When I got back and unloaded the camera into the computer, I was processing those photos with Paintshop and did the same thing, used clarify to enhance contrast, it does a good job of bringing out cloud detail, and I spotted another orb, in not one but two photos, both of them looking northward.

These are cut-outs from the full image. The full image is large so didn’t want to in-line it in the forums.

I posted these in my ET/UFO blog at http://www.eskimo.com/~nanook/et/. See the March archives for the full photos.

A woman in Surrey BC Canada contacted me, she had been photographing very similar objects frequently. Like the ones I photographed, they are very difficult to see without contrast enhancement in the day. However, she also had an IR night mode in her camera and at night they stand out in the infrared.

The stealthiness of these leads me to wonder just how many are in our skies and going unnoticed. That’s why I am trying to get the word out, hoping others will photography the clear skies, enhance the contrast and find these, and that we can get a rough estimate of their numbers and perhaps where they are located will tell us something of their motivation.

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