Dinwiddie, Virginia, USA; February 5, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date: February 5, 2008

Location: Dinwiddie, Virginia

Message: In the past week including this morning when I looked off to the horizon between 5 AM and 6 AM My boyfriend and I saw two lilghts that one could easily mistake for stars. But this morning was especially odd. I looked off to the east at the horizon and I saw the 2 lights but they weren’t as bright this time. Weird thing was they were in front of all the cloud cover.

You couldnt see any stars. Well the one that was closest to earth i guess you could say brightened and as it brightened the other light disappeared then this one disappeared.

I tried to keep a steady eye on them but we were driving. My boyfriend thinks that I am crazy. But they look like they had a triangular shape. Am I crazy??? Oh Live in Dinwiddie. The first morning I saw them from dinwiddie all the way to Staples Mill Rd. In henrico and this was even in the daylight.

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