Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA; August 5, 2008

Name: Sam

Submitted: on 2008/08/05 at 8:15pm

Location: Hanover, PA

Message: Around 10:10pm I live in Hanover, PA near MD-30, and my husband and I saw a bright blue light in the east-southeast sky moving from east to west (more south though) so it looked to be FALLING rather than moving across the sky.

It grew in brightness and started trailing what looked to be sparks. We thought it might have been a plane going down, but then it brightened a bit more and disappeared completely.

We contacted the local news stations about it (to be sure it WASN’T a plane) and were told “it’s a clear night to see stuff like that.” Hmm… nice explanation. Ha.

So someone else answered our email via phone and said a scientist in nearby Jefferson, PA saw “orbs” around 10:30 and wanted to know if the “incidents” tie together. http://www.eveningsun.com is who called us.

Anything else, please contact me at samantha_hemler@yahoo.com and we can discuss further. 🙂

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