Reddick, Florida, USA; October 29, 2008

Name: chris

Date: October 29, 2008

Location: Reddick, Florida

Message: I live near Reddick, Fl and i have seen close to what you saw. I watched something in the sky from about 1 am to 5am. It moved so quickly and blinked a lot of green ad red and white lights. It would move across the sky in milliseconds, later it seemed to be triangular with red lights. Then, I noticed that it was gigantic (it was so high up in the sky, almost like you could see into a galaxy or something, it was so far away in the sky. Anyway, when I noticed later how huge it was i then noticed many ufo’s (way smaller) surrounding this “thing”.

Then later I saw anothe electric blue cigar shaped “ufo” join the red triangular one and they seemed to communicate with their lights or something..this lasted forever and i was spellbound by just watching it. Amazing. I have seen other “ufo’s” over where I live but not of that magnitude. This is a true story, i promise.

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