North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA; May 28, 2009

Name: Robin Howard

Date: May 28, 2009

Location: North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Message: There are 3 of us staying in north myrtle beach and the last 2 nights we have been seeing very strange lights from our balcony. There will be 1 light then 2 and then 3. then they will move over a few minutes later. We have been amazed at this. We have never seen anything like this and we have seen them off and on for about an hour each time.

8 thoughts on “North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA; May 28, 2009

  1. Robin Howard

    We were staying at Best western ocean sands the 26th thru the 28th. I remember talking to someone above us who were seeing the same thing we saw.


  2. Kaesar

    This sounds exactly what I saw the night of 6/16/09. There was one, then two, and then three. All three appeared within 10 seconds. They were in a triangle shape but, sort of like a scalene shape. I ran to grab my camera but they were gone when I came back a couple seconds later. They were very high in the sky, not on the horizon so I’m sure it was not a boat.


  3. Mass UFO Sighting

    Over the past several months, there has been a massive increase in UFO Sightings on the East Coast.
    These Sightings seem to be focused in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, North and South Carolina.
    If you remember, the year started with the Mass Sightings in Washington DC over Obama’s Inauguration. During this time the Sightings picked up dramatically in Northern Virginia and then the Mass sighting on March 29-30th 2009. Two Months after that Nationally Televised Mass Sighting Virginia has another, the Ring Shaped UFO over Kings Dominion. Three Nationally Televised Mass UFO Sightings in just 6 months is pretty impressive. During this time North and South Carolina activity was on the rise and then a Mass Sighting in Myrtle Beach.
    There is know doubt that something very unique is occurring on the East Coast this year.
    If you read the reports-
    What is so interesting is the similarities in these multi-state UFO Sightings.


  4. pjsimpkins

    we were at north myrtle beach the first two weeks of july and we saw alight over the ocean. round bright. just staying there over the ocean it stayed there for a long time then allof a sudden it just shot up and was gone. there was no boat and nothing there that should or could have been there that was there for so long than shot up so fast and was gone.


  5. Courtney

    Hi, I’ve seen these lights going on 2yrs now. I live in Georgetown. Me and my friend have seen these same lights on several occasions. I never reported them though or caught any footage. Usually when I see them it’s like I’m suppose to because I would suddenly focus my attention in it’s direction and there they’ll be. Though I’ve seen up to six or seven lights at a time.


  6. Chris

    I was in North Myrtle Beach the first week of August 2009 staying at the Cherry Tree Inn on North Ocean BLVD. Around 10:30 I spotted a yellowish/orange light, it then faded and just above and to the right it reappeared. This trend continued in a circular pattern when it disappeared. A minute later another single yellowish/orange light just to the left of the other lights. I first thought it was a flare. Glad to see that I am not crazy and these lights have been spotted by others.


  7. Dr. Bob

    WOW!! My son and I were on the Beach near the Summerwind  in Myrtle Beach this evening and watched these same Orange colored lights appear spread across the sky .  They would appear and the disappear.  We then watched a line of three lights appear and seem to merge into one light, then disappear.  Judging from their distance from us they are well off shore. We thought flares to for just a second, but I was in the Army and have dealt with flares before.  These lights are not flares.  We saw them between 9:30 pm and 11:00 pm September 10th, 2009.


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