Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland, UK; September, 2007

Name: Gordon

Date of Event: last week

Location of Event: out side Edinburgh

Message: Before I let you know what happened to Mr. X when he and a friend spotted them, I should let you know about 3 of them flying faster than I could turn my head to keep up with them. I was in a park late at night. No nothing like that I was walking my dog honestly. I often look up to admire the twinkling stars when I saw 3 dots that looked like stars. But when they started to move in my direction I soon realised they where not stars. In one seconded they past over my head in a formation of two closer and the third off set higher up. As I turned my head to track them they suddenly split in different directions going up.

If you remember from the last email I sent you I stated Mr. X was going back to hunt for the place we know they use. As clear as day one white dot appeared and then dropped like a brick and started to flash different coloured lights. Suddenly what they thought was a planet moved then got closer and shot along side the hills and came down beside the other one then disappeared. The person whit him that night was so shocked and couldn’t work the camera in time to catch them. This area is restricted and but we did get some satellite images that show two shapes that look like the above and more.

We should know more about the tooth later this week and if its what we think it is then we go a hunting?

If I get the chances I will let you see some other things that cause my door key to twist in the lock. Also why we had to move from that flat to another address where I lost 3 hours and chances them out of my house?

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