Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA; Late 1970s

Name: Chris

Location: Hillsboro, New Hampshire

Message: I live in Hillsboro, sightings happen here all the time and have for years, especially the late 70s and early 80s. I lived on a mountain for 15 years with a clear view south, saw some weird stuff.

I have seen the lights you speak of, some of my friends have seen dirigible shaped objects and some very trustworthy and respected people claim to have seen aliens themselves, but no one wants to talk about it. I would like to hear what others have seen.



  1. I investigate all ufo sightings for New England UFO Research Group Organization let me know if you want me to do an investigation.


  2. If you want me to do any reports/sighting investigations please let me know. I can and will do anything to help anybody anytime if they need some one to tell about their sighting and/or their encounter


  3. Back in July 1977 My parents and I have definitely seen a UFO on Hedgehog Mountain – Turnpike Road hovering in backyard woods over pine trees. Not large – white lights in a cluster without noise – silent but there. I first noticed a light outside my bedroom window that traveled too fast horizontally to be an airplane or helicopter and no noise. Within a few seconds it raced back toward our land. I yelled for parents to see this – we walked outside our patio door and there we all saw the white light pulsating – hovering. No noise. Can’t recall how long we saw the object but remember back then my father running in to get his camera. (It had no film in it) The UFO light shot forward and had to be the speed of light – it just simply disappeared. I was 19 back in 1977 and to this day believe there are other beings out in this vast universe – would be rather strange for us to be the only planet with life. I stayed for one month with my parents that summer and the whole time was frightened about walking alone at night on the country dirt road they call the “Turnpike” The A frame house with EdLyn Pond (registered name) was my parents home they built back then. The other house on the left (if still there) was the house where I looked out my bedroom window and saw the light. EdLynn stands for Edda and Lynn (twin daughters of Olga and Harald Krisitiansen). that’s my story and I’ll stick by it til the day I meet my parents in heaven and then still stick by it. I now live in North Carolina and no sightings but I always look.


  4. Hi all you UFO buffs in NH. I believe. I want to know what people think about why the gov’t is now releasing previously secretUFO files. Check out Netflix ‘ Top Secret UFO Projects:Declassified’ Netflix has a lot of UFO documentaries. Sightings date way back / I grew up in NH and there were many reports of UFO sightings


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