Bad Axe, Michigan, USA; November 13, 2007

Name: Hilarie

Location: Bad Axe, Michigan

Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 7:45pm

Message: On my 30th birthday, November 15, 2007, i received a strange and amazing phone call from my father. He started by telling me he, my mother and a couple of their friends were in their hot tub around 7:45pm. There wasn’t a moon that night and as they were visiting, my mom became distracted by a light that looked like a moon off in the distance. Within a matter of seconds there were 4 of them and they judged about 8-10 miles away or so…they thought maybe it was farm equipment (as they live outside of Bad Axe, MI in farm/ wooded area), but then realized it was too high to be farm equipment.

In a second the 4 lights were just on the edge of the property on the other side of their garage. My dad jumped out of the hot tub to get a better look at the lights in question. As my dad walked to the side of the pitch black yard, he didn’t see where they were any more….when suddenly four lights came on. He said they were roughly 3′-4′ in diameter and about 10′ apart all spaced evenly. He said it was huge about 80′ long and because of a row of cedar trees in the yard was unable to see the bottom. He said it was black except for the large circular lights which seemed to be yellowish and very dim…like dimmed recess lights…he said the strange thing was that the lights didn’t pierce the darkness or cast any light or shadow. He said it was just above the tree line and so close he could have thrown a stone and hit it.

He was trying to figure out what it was attached to (still thinking it may have been farm equipment) but could not find anything holding it up. He said it didn’t make a sound, create any air movement(even though it had stopped after traveling about 8 miles in a seconds time) or put off any type of heat. It hovered over the dog kennel ( of two labs that bark at everything) and the dogs didn’t even acknowledge it. Less than a minute elapsed and the lights went off. My Dad couldn’t see it or reflection on the light/windows, there was no sound…it was as if it had vanished… Not knowing what it was, he went back to the hot tub to join his friends.

When he got in my mom and her friend saw a streak of light. They kind of joked about it, but all came to agree that they had all seen it and were not sure what it was…later that evening they heard jets flying back and forth over the area…..they even saw a plane shoot off something that appeared to be a flair. They didn’t report it out of fear of being thought of as crazy since they come from such a small town.

My father is very logical, doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t lie…..he believes it was a UFO and knows now that there is something out there and that the technology that he witnessed so close up was way beyond anything we could ever produce. the next day the four of them looked over by the edge of the property for evidence that it was there, but none was found. Dad said what bothered him a bit was that for the next 3 days one of our dogs sat by the hot tub each night and stared into the area where the craft was.

This sighting was on Tuesday November 13, 2007 at 7:45pm outside of Bad Axe Michigan. Witnessed by 4

One thought on “Bad Axe, Michigan, USA; November 13, 2007

  1. my wife and I saw the same thing north of Gagetown but the 4 lights lit up from right to lefy then went off from right to left maybe 3 or 4 times before drifting away & then the ligfts went out. this was very low to ground behind our home & garage & side lawn.


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