Sumter, South Carolina, USA; February 16, 2008

Name: 1american

Location: Sumter, South Carolina

Date: February 16, 2008

Message: I live in Sumter just behind Shaw AFB. I saw a cigar shaped object moving silently just above tree top level on Feb. 16th just before dark. It was so close to the tree tops that I thought it must be a blimp, but why would a blimp be flying that close to the ground at dark. Not to mention it was in the direct path of the flight line take off and landing. I slammed on brakes and got out of the car to see it a little closer. It most certainly was not a blimp but I did not get a picture of it.

I have never been someone to believe in this sort of stuff but now I’m beginning to wonder what our military is up too. One thing is for sure, I have bought a good camera and will begin to keep my eyes open.

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