Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA; May 20, 2009

Name: Wade Wagner

Date: May 20, 2009

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Message: I glanced out my window shortly before midnight on May 20th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and saw a reddish light that I first thought was a star or planet, but then I noticed the object was moving. It moved slowly toward my direction and then shot straight up at an accelerated rate and disappeared.

I have no idea what it was or the altitude. I am guessing it was at an altitude of 20 to 30,000 feet as I am used to seeing jets pass over us at night–but obviously I did not have an accurate perspective on this observation. I have also seen many meteors and planes, and this was unlike anything else I have seen in my lifetime.


  1. I think I saw the same thing. I cant remember the exact date but the time frame is right. I was outside that night and looked up to see this red star/planet I thought. As I started to think where my farmers almanac was I looked up again and it was gone. I almost forgot about that till I read your blog.


  2. On July 3rd I saw the same thing fly over my house yesterday. It was low en to see that it looked like a balloon with flames were coming out of the back. It shot strait up into the atmosphere.


  3. I also saw something like that on the the same night but i live in small town named called Lake Mills and i couldn’t go to sleep so i looked out the windo w for a few minnutes and saw a ufo i ran up stairs and told m y parents cause i was 9 and by the time they looked it was gone? I wonder what it was?


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