Carroll County, Maryland, USA; March 13, 2008

Name: Chris

Date: March 13, 2008

Location: Northern Carroll County, Maryland

Message: My friend and I saw something very similar to this tonight 3/13/08 in Northern Carroll county, Maryland. Just at sunset. There were two objects in the south eastern sky. I thought it might be two planes entering a sky intersection and turning on their lights, but there were too many lights approx 6 lights on the one object, it was perfectly still.

After about 90 seconds the lights started rotating around the middle of the object, as that was happening the second object started to fly around it, like a helicopter making a hard left turn, Then the lights on the 1st object turned to a solid line of light and it started spreading out thinner and thinner. When both objects lined up side by side, they were gone in less than 2 seconds. I estimate we were 5 miles from it. The first object had very bright orange-yellow lights,the second object had some lights but they were not pointed our direction.

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