Baltimore, Maryland, USA; May 20, 2009

Name: JRH

Date: May 20, 2009

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Message: I live just a couple miles south of Baltimore, Maryland. I was outside about quarter after midnight the morning of May 20, 2009 doing pull-ups in my back yard (so I was already sort of staring into the sky.) and I saw a pulsating light suddenly appear and shoot of toward the south past the roof of my house. The light seemed to be a bluish-white and was brighter than any of the stars in the sky.

It was moving extremely fast and because it was strobing, it appeared to cover a pretty good distance between flashes. I ran inside to tell my wife and then came back outside to see if I could see anything else. About five minutes later, I saw another one. This one was moving in about the same direction, but started at a different point further back so I saw it for a longer period as it went across the sky. I stayed outside for a while but didn’t see anything else. These objects did not make any sound at all and were extremely bright.

The area where I live has a lot of light pollution from the city, but on a clear night you can still see a decent number of stars for that area. I have seen meteors many times, however, these were nothing like those. They did not appear as streaks, but discrete points of light that flashed and moved incredibly fast.

4 thoughts on “Baltimore, Maryland, USA; May 20, 2009

  1. Skn

    I live in ky and i was sitting on the front porch talking to my brother. the same time and date,but in central time.I looked up to see a big light at first i thought it was a plane but it wasnt flickering the other patterns of diffenrent light. I sat and watched it, it had no tail on it but it was moving at a good speed. I jumped to the door to get my husband to come down and spend the last few mins on earth with me in case it was a huge meteor, by that time i looked to the sky and it had gotten smaller and was still flying at the same speed but smaller and blended with the stars then i lost it behinde the trees. maybe a total of 5 mins. ive never seen anything like this before.



  2. Wade Wagner

    I glanced out my window shortly before midnight on May 20th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and saw a reddish light that I first thought was a star or planet, but then I noticed the object was moving. It moved slowly toward my direction and then shot straight up at an accelerated rate and disappeared. I have no idea what it was or the altitude. I am guessing it was at an altitude of 20 to 30,000 feet as I am used to seeing jets pass over us at night–but obviously I did not have an accurate perspective on this observation. I have also seen many meteors and planes, and this was unlike anything else I have seen in my lifetime.


  3. Angello

    Peru – Loreto – Iquitos.

    1.00 de la mañana un cielo rojiso y nublado muy nublado y terminaba de ver un pelicula detras de mi casa y me fui ha mear de repente y vi una luz a distancia de los cielos,de repente la luz se hizo en 2 puntos muy brillantes.
    No era avion ni era estrella ni luces de casualidad ni mi ojo estaba mal lo vi atentamente eran 2 luces que se movian como si estuviesen jugando en el aire, luces que de un descuido se desaparecian con lentitud y volvian aparecer fuertemente pero a los 5 minutos que estuve viendo algo me inpedia verlo como si no mejase ver pero abri bien los ojos y los vi.
    Pero a Distancia de las luces que veia arriba a distancia como si fuesen estrellas a distancias pongamos que se kilometros habian mas pero eran chiquititas muy chiquitas que subian y bajaban que si lo vieses parecian estrellas pero no creo que una estrella se mueva como si quisiere jugar.

    Lucesitas que jamas habia visto comi si estubiesen jugando arriba mayor era la vista del cielo que se hacia mas brillantesy mas se ponian en moviemiento no aguantandome mas me fui a traer una camara digital no era suficiente por que detras de mi casa era muy oscuro y el cielo muy nublado y rojiso la camara no lo pudo grabar tambien convencido de no ver solo llame a mi mama y ella muy asustada que pasa me dice, entonces le dije que hay algo raro volando arriba entonces mi mam me siguio y ella al ver tambien se asusto al ver tal luz que se movia intensamente no lo podiamos creer a mi mama le invadio el miedo que se fue a la cama pero en mi no hubo miedo solo queria ver mas pero el sueño me invadia a mi me quede viendo esas luces como media hora lo maximo.

    Diseñador Grafico diseñador Web Site y programador y nunca penser crear en estas cosas, de ovnis ni seres del masa alla pero creo viendo la realidad de lo que vi ahora si lo creo aunque me paresca medio absurdo ahora pienso que no estamos solos en estos planetas.


  4. on may 20th 2009 at 8:30 pm marc and i were driving on I 26 by the Brevard exit and saw a flying saucer that hovered in the air, it was whitish, silverish, flourescent, had some blinking or flashing lights, it hovered for a few minutes, we heard tons of cars honking their horns but couldn’t talk to anyone else, it started moving diagonally downwards and dipped behind the trees.


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